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4 min readAug 25, 2020


The November election date is quickly approaching and digital spending continues to increase, making targeting the key topic of discussion. PredictWise has developed Signal, a brand new digital dashboard that helps campaigns cater to all their campaign needs and goals. Signal enables campaigns to build scalable, customized audiences based on hundreds of real-world behaviors, attitudes, and personality traits on over 200 million adult Americans. Signal audiences are designed to produce high yields and give you complete access to results from all our audience models, inventory forecasting, trends, recommendations, allowing you to take the wheel of the solutions that best fit your audience needs regardless if you are persuading those pesky late-breaking learners or drumming up negatives on your opponent.


Signal comes with an arsenal of tools for your campaign, including:

AUDIENCE BUILDER | Build your audiences based on your needs

Audience Builder Feature
Build Your Audience
Tailor Audiences Based On Goals

INVENTORY FORECASTER | Forecast inventory avails based on targeting

Audience Inventory Forecast Feature

EXPLORE OUR DATASETS | Review our research to inform audience choices

Explore Data Sets
Review Our Research

Signal audiences benefits include:

  1. Enhanced issue IDs for your full lists

Our team collects thousands of survey respondents every week, and has access to large-scale ambient data: rich and accurate (cell-tower-based) latitude/longitude coordinates and application-usage data for many million Americans through existing relationships and data-share agreements. We use contextual and derived factors such as demographic composition of work and home environment, or commuting patterns. Combined with our attitudinal battery on more than 200 political, psychographic, electoral, and economic metrics, this behavioral data provides unique capabilities used to build out our audience & lookalike models, giving you a deep and complete understanding of your audience beyond the standard metrics of a benchmark poll. For example: We can find Republicans who we know have adhered to lock-down decrees based on their location patterns, to help you drive a uniquely powerful wedge appeal to the most persuadable Republicans in each state!

2. Increased penetration of audiences you want to reach, thanks to our device IDs

PredictWise Audiences are built on our proprietary ID Resolution Tech. All audiences are keyed to device IDs, identifiers that govern the digital world, contrary to the static name, address, and other personal identifiers. That means: We find people where they are, regardless of whether that is mobile, online, or home, making sure we hit our targets with the highest likelihood possible.

3. Superior look-a-like models

PredictWise selects from its precise data on psychometrics, policy preferences, economic and electoral attitudes to develop a single audience metric completely tailored to your campaign:

  • PredictWise uses its massive warehouse of telemetry and attitudinal data to find your most high-yield targets
  • PredictWise takes demographic and contextual data you have collected and helps you translate it into individual targets

Delivery of Data

Our audiences are delivered via direct download (CSV), appended to Secretary-of-State voter file ID, allowing you to integrate into your CRM, voter-filer, VAN, or device ID, ensuring higher penetration on Facebook and all digital buying platforms. PredictWise is the only solution that gives you complete control and insight over whom you are targeting.


  1. PredictWise audiences achieved success in Katie Porter’s CA-45 election. PredictWise audiences tied to ad content delivered better results vs a control group. Our audiences generated 2–4x more lift in crucial return metrics such as video through plays & comments. PredictWise created custom audiences for the primary message content of the Katie Porter’s campaign, built on likely voters inhibiting a progressive position on key campaign topics, as well as tolerance toward the Democratic party & soft support for the Republican candidate. Our audiences produced significant margins on engagements per dollar & video plays per dollar.

2. Working with a national progressive PAC, PredictWise built an audience of 100,000 soft Republican voters in Pennsylvania and Michigan attacking Trump’s stance on healthcare with digital ad creatives through their mobile device IDs. The results were significant: PredictWise audiences achieved a drastic increase in knowledge on the issue; and lowered Trump’s approval significantly in both states, when compared to the control group.

Learn More:

Signal offers a variety of solutions for all your targeting needs this 2020 cycle and beyond. Interested in a demo of Signal or have questions on how Signal can help you reach your campaign goals? Find us at Contact us at HERE.




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