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  1. Enhanced issue IDs for your full lists
  • PredictWise uses its massive warehouse of telemetry and attitudinal data to find your most high-yield targets
  • PredictWise takes demographic and contextual data you have collected and helps you translate it into individual targets
  1. PredictWise audiences achieved success in Katie Porter’s CA-45 election. PredictWise audiences tied to ad content delivered better results vs a control group. Our audiences generated 2–4x more lift in crucial return metrics such as video through plays & comments. PredictWise created custom audiences for the primary message content of the Katie Porter’s campaign, built on likely voters inhibiting a progressive position on key campaign topics, as well as tolerance toward the Democratic party & soft support for the Republican candidate. Our audiences produced significant margins on engagements per dollar & video plays per dollar.



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PredictWise provides completely tailored audiences helping clients activate and grow their core targets