• Giovanna Fernandes

    Giovanna Fernandes

    I want to positively impact the world using the power of data.

  • Yongwook Shin

    Yongwook Shin

    윤미연, 신지후, 자유주의, 장인정신, 문제해결

  • Will Robinson

    Will Robinson

    A founding partner of The New Media Firm, Will Robinson is a media producer and was an early visionary in the field of digital advertising and social media.

  • Arindam Nag

    Arindam Nag

    Co founder and Chief Executive of CentSai.com a powerful financial lead generation platform that uses financial literacy to empower millennials and Gen Xers.

  • TH


    Consigliere / Strategist / Wordsmith / Isolamaniac

  • Periklis Papanikolaou

    Periklis Papanikolaou

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