2020 In-Depth Election Impact

Better targeting through machine learning and always-on data collection

The science: personalized surveys and telemetry data

Correlation of PredictWise support scores
Self-reported concerns about COVID among Republicans scoring low and high on the PredictWise behavioral COVID concern score

Platform-independent technology

MAID-based audiences

  1. Future Majority, for which we ran a campaign targeting 400k unregistered women with progressive views in three key states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. PredictWise curated targets and built a mobile-first static creative, serving over 5M impressions. Out of these 400k unregistered women we targeted, over 92k ultimately registered: 19k in Wisconsin, 52k in Michigan, and 21k in Minnesota.
  2. Florida Democratic Party, for which we served 15 Million impressions in less than 4 days, reaching 5,341,897 individuals, when last-minute issues with Facebook blocked the FDP from running new campaigns and creatives.
  3. Ohio Democratic Party, for which we build our specialized custom audiences for women and BIPOC communities, for turnout, registration, and persuasion. We successfully helped Ohio reach larger audiences through programmatic channels, increased video views, and hyper-targeted messages, serving over 20M impressions. In total, ads performed much better than ad spend on Facebook based on behavioral metrics/CPM, as detailed below:
Ad performance in Ohio — Facebook vs. Programmatic/PredictWise

Measuring impact

Treatment effect in Trump vote for 2016 Trump voters in PA targeted based on PredictWise Audiences
Comparing click-through rates across PredictWise audiences (generic, environmentalists) and creatives (generic, nature); *statistically significant

What’s next




PredictWise provides completely tailored audiences helping clients activate and grow their core targets

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PredictWise provides completely tailored audiences helping clients activate and grow their core targets

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